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My favorite portable electric sander

For those of you who are reluctant to pick up and use a portable electric sander for nuno felting, I can tell you that you will never look back once you try it out for yourself!


I use Black & Decker's Model 7558 1/3rd Sheet Sander (approx. $30) with an uncovered plate with an outdoor 30-foot insulated, 3-prong plug extension cord plugged into a heavy-duty power strip that will turn off it there's any electrical problem. That's it.


The plate is made of dense plastic (not metal like they had years ago) and needs no cover. The plate doesn't stick to your wet project unless you've gone overboard with the soap.


Mine lasts about 18 months of constant use; I can tell when the motor is wearing out by the sound. (And I never ever want to be without my sander!)


You can find Model 7558 at most big box stores that have a decent home-tools department (and lots of B&D products) but I order mine online here:


Great price, great customer service and very fast delivery.